interioresBiolivar San Martín We company isn´t only a company specialized in production and marketing of organic olives, we are a company committed with we do it, with our product quality, with our natural environment and with each customer, providers and workers.
Our location isn´t a causality, we want to have our company near olive-trees, we see them each morning at the beginning and each night at the end, we love our work and here in the middle of nature where it´s grow this variety of olives as coveted as the Manzanilla Cacereña we have found our place.
In our company we care the quality with the nearness of our farmers, we control together with regulators the strict compliance of the organic regulations and we goal is to create healthy products with higher nutritional quality and the production is based in an optimum use of natural resources.
We offer a final product which we proud and we hope to share and to satisfy with the most demanding customers.

“Humans can´t eat without knowing the food and how to obtain it.”


We are producing organic food, but this wouldn´t possible without the existence of organic farmer.
The organic farmer is the value of our company, who makes possible what we are.
The root of our product is our farmers, who each day care the olive grove for campaigning we can get the fruit of their labor and which make our products.
They not only have the knowledge of who did it before and they were transmitted from generation to generation but have the strength and dedication to continue performing a task that is frequently forgotten and undervalued.
The incorrect assessment of the work of the farmer involves a significant risk to the sector of table olives and fundamentally organic olive because they don´t use chemical products (not for manure, not for pests) to their cultivation requires greater care by the farmer.
For this reason our company has among its guidelines direct involvement with farmers and monitoring their work to properly evaluate their work that has to be profitable, otherwise they leave it.
We want care lands, because our product is formed there and only we get it caring our product root: The Farmer